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Aircon steam wash

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Steam Cleaning is an eco-friendly way out to cleaning the aircon units, extremely suggested to use for each servicing period! It uses high-pressure steam to clean the loop, providing you clean and fine air to breathe in your house! Steam Cleaning is a good choice over the conventional technique of Chemical Flushing. If you need steam cleaning service then 7Days Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd is here to assist you.

Why Pick Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is better than usual standard servicing for the reason that the heat and steam pressure can remove and extricate any persistent decay and dirt trap in between coil paddles and fan blower which cannot be removed effortlessly by vacuum pressure and brush through usual servicing.

General Servicing does not at all times successfully remove bad smells caused by germs that stay in the coil. After steam cleaning, you and your family can enjoy the good quality air. Steam cleaning is a harmless choice without the use of damaging chemicals. Because of its eco-friendly nature, a lot of environmentally conscious people prefer steam cleaning over other chemical techniques.

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Aircon leaking water

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Environmentally friendly: 

Water and electricity are the mere ingredients essential in this procedure. There are no injurious chemicals used. Additionally, it does not use much water to produce an adequate amount of steam for cleaning huge surfaces, which makes this method so eco-friendly.

Chemical-free cleaning: 

You can be certain that this cleaning procedure has no hazard of damages to your aircon units. When chemicals are used, however occasional, there may be erosion in the coil of your aircon unit or destruct the aluminum paddles. As there are no chemicals used, steam cleaning is a more reasonable as well as moderate substitute to chemical washing

Healthier Indoor air: 

Steam cleaning has likewise been recognized to be effective in fighting bad smells in your aircon by removing bacteria that live in the coils. With consistent arranged steam cleaning, your aircon’s rate of airflow will correspondingly increase, resulting in improved performance and improved air quality.

Dries faster: 

The compression formed in the procedure of steam cleaning fades faster due to residual heat, efficiently dropping drying time and maximizing effectiveness. It likewise does not leave any chemicals or excess behind. 

How frequently should this cleaning practice be done?

That fundamentally depends on the use of the aircon. Usually, one clean-up every 2 years is adequate for a systematic household. For a greater amount of usage, the break between two successive cleaning sessions must correspondingly cut. In such a circumstance, cleaning aircon one time every year is good.


Aircon Servicing Firm in Singapore

If you currently notice your aircon is not working fine or not cooling enough or there are additional problems that require to get looked at, it is time to involve an aircon servicing in Singapore. At 7Days Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd, we are glad to talk over your aircon requirements. So feel free to contact us today. We will be more than happy to assist you and we are available 24/7.