Aircon Chemical Overhaul


Air conditioners have become an essential part of households and offices. It not only cools down your room temperature, but it also circulates and filters the air, removes dust and molds, and provides a clean and safe environment for you and your family.

So, do you want your aircon to work efficiently?

If yes, you need regular aircon maintenance and cleaning. There are two for that aircon overhaul and aircon chemical cleaning.

Aircon Overhaul vs Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Aircon chemical cleaning also known as chemical wash is a process that cleans your air conditioner but it is different from regular cleaning.

Aircon Overhaul

You must be thinking about how it is different?

Well, in aircon chemical cleaning, technicians completely dismantle your air conditioner and wash them with a chemical-based solution. This method increases the cooling efficiency of your aircon and improves its lifespan.

Aircon overhaul is a bit different from aircon chemical cleaning or chemical wash. Just like chemical cleaning, this method also requires the complete dismantling of your air conditioner. However, in aircon hauling, your parts are not just cleaned and washed with a chemical solution, they are repaired and replaced (if required).

Benefits Of Aircon Overhaul?

Wondering what are the benefits of aircon chemical overhaul?

Here are a few of them for you…

1. It Gives you Clean and Fresh Air

The air filters in your air conditioner accumulate all the dust and dirt particles and provide you with clean, fresh, and cool air to breathe in. if the filters are not cleaned regularly, they will fail to function efficiently and thus would make your room unhealthy to breathe in.

So, if you want your air conditioner filters to work efficiently and keep on providing you clean and fresh air, go for an aircon overhaul.

2. Its Energy Efficient

Do you know regular cleaning and aircon chemical overhaul will reduce your electricity bills?

Yes, it is true!! The dirt accumulated on your ac filter and coils causes your air conditioner to work harder to reduce the temperature of your room. Hence, it will consume more energy and you will receive a high electricity bill. So, if you want to reduce your electricity bills, get your ac cleaned regularly.

3. Improves Your Air Conditioners Life

You must have heard that regular cleaning and maintenance improves the life of electronic items.

Well, it’s true for your air conditioner also. Regular aircon overhaul services would enable that your ac filter, coils, and other parts are regularly cleaned and all damages are timely repaired to avoid any further damage.

4. Reduces Condensation

You must be wondering what is condensation?

Ever noticed water leaking from your air conditioner? That is condensation.

The primary reason for ac condensation is a clogged drain or dirty filter. This not only affects your air conditioner efficiency but can also damage your property. Regular aircon overhauling would ensure that your air conditioner is working efficiently and is not causing excessive condensation.

How Often Should You Overhaul Your Air Conditioner?

Some would say you should call for an aircon overhaul when you notice any defect in your air conditioner. However, experts suggest overhauling should be carried out once a year. Springs is the best time to do it because summer is just around the corner and It is when you will need your air conditioner the most and in optimal condition.

How Much Would Chemical Overhauling Cost You?

Now that you know everything about aircon overhaul, you must be thinking how much it would cost you?

Well, aircon overhaul charges vary from company to company and service to service. At 7 Days Aircon Servicing, our aircon overhaul services start from $150.

What’s Included In Aircon Overhaul Services?

  • Lubrication of fan bearing to ensure your air conditioner works as quietly as possible.
  • Checking of thermostat and unit controls.
  • Cleaning of pipes, blower wheel, and drain pans with the help of appropriate chemicals.
  • Cleaning of the fan evaporator coil to ensure the smooth transfer of heat without dust and grime buildup.
  • Replacing faulty bearing and eliminating operational noise.

Where To Get The Best Aircon Overhaul Services?

Are you looking for the best and most reliable aircon overhaul service provider?

Look no further!! We are here to solve all your air conditioner problems. From air conditioner installation to aircon chemical overhaul, we provide a wide range of air conditioner services.

We offer cost-effective and adaptive solutions tailored according to your needs and interests. Our experienced team is completely skilled to provide up-to-date and complex services. We take all the time and resources required to resolve your heating, cooling, and internal quality problems and do not leave the site until you are completely satisfied.

We hope our guide would be helpful and has been successful in clearing your doubts regarding the aircon overhaul.

Call Us When You Need Us!

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