Cheap Aircon Servicing in Singapore


Is your air conditioner not cooling?

Or is it making weird sounds?

Or you are simply looking for cheap aircon servicing Singapore?

Chemical cleaning, steam cleaning, or aircon overhaul are some of the options for air conditioner servicing. However, with so many options available in the market choosing the best and right cheap aircon servicing Singapore can be a daunting task. Because you don’t know who is trustworthy d who is not providing reliable services.

But don’t worry!! We are here to help you with a difficult task. Below are a few points that you must consider while looking for reliable and cheap aircon servicing Singapore.

1. Know Your Air Conditioning Unit

It is the most critical step in choosing the right aircon repair service near me. Because not all aircon service providers are experts in all types of air conditioner units. Here are three things that you must know about your air conditioner unit:

  • Model
  • Brand
  • Maintenance or repair history

This will not only help you in choosing the right aircon service near me but it will also enable you in diagnosing small issues with your air conditioner.

2. Ask For Recommendations

Next, you should ask for the best and cheap aircon servicing Singapore. Ask your acquaintances or look around in your neighbours. However, if you fail to find any options through recommendations, search on the internet. All you need to do is type “aircon service near me” and Google will give you plenty of options to choose from. But don’t just choose the first company that comes your way.

3. Experience

Air conditioners are expensive and technical appliances. So, you need someone experienced to diagnose the problem (if any) or to perform servicing. An inexperienced air conditioner technician may cause more damage to your air conditioner instead of repairing it. So, always check whether the aircon servicing company is experienced or not. And the experience of a company is just not enough, make sure their staff is also experienced.

4. License And Insurance Is Critical

Another critical step of finding the best and cheap aircon servicing Singapore is to check their license and insurance. Air conditioning repair, maintenance, and servicing is a technical job and there are chances of accidents. So, always make sure that the company you choose is providing insurance to its staff.

License is also vital. If the company you are choosing has a valid license from a trusted source, it means they are trained and experienced in providing aircon servicing in your area. Their staff is completely aware of different ac mechanisms and is capable of repairing, maintaining, servicing them. In short, a license is proof that the company is reliable and trustworthy.

5. Latest Technology And Methods

Do you know there are different cleaning and servicing in the market?

Aircon chemical wash, aircon steam wash, aircon overhaul are some of these methods. All methods are successful but offer different sets of benefits. So, it is better to know that the service provider you are choosing is aware of all the latest cleaning methods and owns the equipment required to carry out these methods.

6. After Repair Services

Another important that you must not forget to confirm is whether or not the company is offering after-repair services. Sometimes, the air conditioner starts making weird noises or breaks down just after a month of repair. In such a situation, the company you choose should provide after repair services without taking any extra charges.

7. What’s The Response Time?

Longer response time is a major problem in big cities. Many technicians take several hours to reach the site which can be a serious issue in hot weather. Thus, make sure that the company you are choosing has a fast response time. And don’t forget to check if they are providing after-hours services or not.

8. Get The Quotation

Now you must have shortlisted a few companies to choose from. The next step is to ask for quotations and compare the cost. But don’t just choose the cheapest quote you receive. Cheap aircon servicing Singapore may not be providing quality services or there might be some hidden charges.

Here is a pro tip for you. Get the quotation in written form and on the company’s letterhead. Also, make sure everything is mentioned in detail and there are no hidden or extra charges.

9. Background Check

Lastly, before finalizing the aircon servicing company, perform the background check of the company. The best way of doing so is to check reviews on their websites and social media accounts. Nowadays, every trustworthy and reputed aircon servicing company in Singapore has a website and social media. If you can’t find any, it is a big red flag.

We hope our guide would help you find the best aircon service near me. However, if all these steps seem too lengthy, go for  7 Days Aircon Servicing. At 7 Days Aircon Servicing, We offer cost-effective and adaptive solutions tailored according to your needs and interests. Our experienced team is completely skilled to provide up-to-date and complex services. We take all the time and resources required to resolve your heating, cooling, and internal quality problems and do not leave the site until you are completely satisfied.

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