Aircon Steam Cleaning


From air conditioners to microwaves, there are many appliances that have become an essential part of your lives and you cannot imagine surviving without them.

But do you know these appliances have a limited life span and they would break down after some time?

Don’t worry!! With regular aircon cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure your air conditioner is working efficiently and its life span is also increased. There are a lot of methods of cleaning and maintenance in the market and aircon steam cleaning is one of them.

You don’t know about aircon steam cleaning?

No need to worry!! We are here to help you.

What Is Aircon Steam Cleaning?

Aircon Steam cleaning is an advanced air conditioner cleaning method. It uses high-power jets to remove dirt, mold, and bacteria from clogged and hard-to-reach areas with the help of pressurized steam. Not only clean, but it also sterilizes your air conditioner.

How It Is Done?

Here are the steps involved in aircon steam cleaning. Have a look and make sure the technician you hired follows these steps.

  • The first step is to dismantle your air conditioner.
  • Next, the steam cleaner is filled with clean water.
  • Now steam cleaner takes some time to heat up. So, the technician will turn it on and wait for some time to let it heat up.
  • Once the cleaner heats up, the cooling coils are cleaned first. After that, it is wiped to clean any residuals.
  • Next, the filters are cleaned with high-pressure steam.
  • Now your air conditioner is completely cleaned and it will be reassembled to its former form.

What Are The Benefits Of Aircon Steam Cleaning?

Apart from aircon cleaning, steam cleaning offer several other valuable benefits as well.

1. It’s environmental friendly

With global warming increasing every year, people are now looking for ways to protect the environment. So, if you are one of them, aircon steam cleaning is the best way of aircon cleaning. It only requires water and that too in small quantity. So, don’t worry!! In aircon steam cleaning no excess water is used or wasted.

2. No chemicals are used

Another great and valuable benefit of choosing steam cleaning for your aircon cleaning is it does not use any chemicals. Unlike chemical wash, steam cleaning uses only water and electricity for cleaning. Chemicals being chemicals are harmful to the environment and for your air conditioner as well. With chemicals, there are chances of corrosion in the coil and your aluminium fins are also prone to damage. So, steam cleaning is a great option if you want to avoid chemical usage.

3. 99.9% effective against bacteria

Do you know steam cleaning is the most effective option against bacteria?

Yes, you read it right. The aircon steam cleaning method kills 99.9% of bacteria accumulated in your air conditioner. The high-pressure steam cleaning technology enables the technician to clean every nook and corner of your air conditioner and every kind of bug, dirt, mites, bacteria are cleaned with this method. Also, the hot steam vapours help to soften and clean any greasy dirt that could be accumulated around the evaporator coil.

4. Removes Bad Odour

Bad odour is a common problem with air conditioners around the world. The bacteria and molds accumulated inside the air conditioner are the main reason for the bad odour. The effective cleaning mechanism of steam cleaning get rids of all molds and bacteria and provides you a nice smelling and fresh smelling room to breathe in.

5. It’s cheap

Unlike chemical cleaning, steam cleaning is a very cheap option to get your air conditioner cleaned. Since you don’t need to buy those expensive chemicals, your cleaning cost drops down drastically. All you need is water (which is readily everywhere) and a professional cleaner with steam cleaning equipment.

6. Dries quickly

Another advantage of steam cleaning is you don’t need to worry about drying up. The concentrated water produced during the steam cleaning process evaporates very fast because of heat. So, if you are looking for a quick cleaning option that quickly dries up and leaves no mess, go for aircon steam cleaning.

We hope our guide has helped you in making your mind and now you are looking for the best aircon steam cleaning providers in Singapore. Look no further!! We are here to solve all your air conditioner problems.

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