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What is Aircon Chemical Washing?

aircon chemical wash

General aircon servicing can remove the dirt and other elements in a well-kept air-conditioner. Though, it may not be sufficient if the AC has not been cleaned for a long time or if it has been on the replacement for a long time. The dirt and additional chemicals in the AC may have hardened eventually and cannot be removed by just using water and some cleanser. In such a situation it gets necessary to use the chemical to clean your AC.

It follows the same procedure as the normal aircon cleaning that is used for air-cons. Rather than merely using water and cleanser, a chemical substance is used in the mixture to eliminate tough dust in the openings or lubricant on the fan coil to reestablish the cooling efficiency of the AC.

Aircon chemical wash is a cleaning technique that will clean your AC’s drainage, fan loop, as well as tubes to make it transfer heat and cold air better. Numerous have told that their air conditioner works like it is brand new after a complete chemical cleaning.

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash

On a general note, the chemical wash is important for your AC but it has a lot of benefits too. We offer you high-quality service at quite a reasonable aircon chemical wash price. You should get it if there are signs for it from us for the best possible work.

Here are the benefits of ac chemical wash.

  1. The chemical wash makes your unit breathe fresh and clean air. This will help you in improving the indoor air quality that will further prevent respiratory health hazards. 
  2. Chemical wash boosts the life span of your AC. In fact, it takes you away from regular costly repairs after few months alongside making it run for years. 
  3. Chemical wash to your air conditioner makes it energy efficient. This means that you can save cash on electricity bills and who doesn’t want that?
  4. Clogged air filters, evaporated coils and drainage pipes most probably affect the performance of your AC. A chemical wash makes your AC works as new and helps in lowering the condensation rate of your unit. 

These are some of the additional benefits of chemical cleaning aircon that you can get from us. 

aircon chemical wash in Singapore

Why is it Important?

An aircon gets all kinds of dirt and wreckage in its diverse parts during its working. This dirt can become the reason for blockages and jams in the aircon that can then disturb its cooling. If these blockages are not eliminated, and they carry on to build up, it can even break your aircon. In the humid environment of Singapore, there is even the probability of decay, fungus, and bacteria growing in the air con. These germs and mold spores can enter the rooms through the aircon. These microorganisms can be a health risk, particularly for individuals with respiratory issues and allergies, kids, the old, and individuals with a weak immune system. As an aircon chemical wash is a thorough and technical procedure, you cannot do it on your own. You will have to appoint a professional firm that will perform the job in the best possible and effective way.

How To Know That Your Aircon Requires A Chemical Wash?

When you use your aircon, there might be some signs to know that your aircon requires a chemical wash. Here are some signs:
chemical cleaning aircon

Specialized Aircon Chemical Wash

If you need to chemically wash your aircon, you have to select specialized services for this task. The selection of specialists will make sure that they intensely cleanse your aircon.

7Days Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd is a specialized aircon servicing and repair firm that has extremely accomplished and competent specialists who have years of experience. Through their proficiency and abilities, they will perform the chemical wash procedure most professionally and skillfully.

Frequently asked Questions

Experts recommend aircon chemical wash be conducted every 12 months. However, if you notice any inefficiency or your air conditioner is not cooling as expected you can consult an expert for chemical cleaning aircon. Professional experts can also guide you if you need to increase the frequency of your aircon chemical wash depending on the condition of your air conditioner.

There can be plenty of reasons for an air conditioner to smell bad:

  • A burning smell indicates that the circuit board might have circuited out.
  • A gas-like smell means there is gas leakage.
  • A rotten egg-like smell indicates that there might be a dead animal inside your air conditioner.
  • A moldy smell means there is mildew or fungus inside.

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