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aircon is not cold

Aircon not Cold

aircon is not cold
Your aircon is not cold even after maintenance? As people living in Singapore have experienced the warmest weather in the nation, a great working aircon system is very important to fight dampness and heat. A lot of the contemporary aircon can be used for periods, however, even the most-succeeded aircons occasionally do not give sufficient efficient cold air to ease you and your family. Aircon systems that give hot air are completely disliked, however, this is not essentially a severe issue. Most of the time, even if the aircon is well repaired, hot air is produced. But there is no need to worry, 7Days Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd is all set to help you.
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Why is the aircon not cold?

Aircon not cold is the greatest common issue facing Singapore. Here are some of the common aircon issues which make your aircon not cold.

Improper thermostat setting

If your aircon is occasionally cold, your thermostat might be set to “ON” rather than “Auto”. This will make your aircon at all times blow the air even when not required. “Auto” will blow the air according to the temperature in the area. Modify the settings and see if there are any variations.

The air filter is blocked

If your aircon is not cold, the air filter might be blocked with dirt. This dirt can be the reason the aircon is not cold. Preferably, filters must be cleaned after every month.

The compressor is blocked or filthy

Your aircon’s compressor must be clean. It must likewise be free from any hindrances. Thus it can cool down the cool box to generate cool air in your house. Clean the filthy materials from the compressor plus if this still does not fix the issue, please feel free to contact an expert Singapore Aircon Servicing firm for cleaning.

The pipe compression duct is jammed

As it eliminates dampness from the air, your aircon similarly produces water. Usually, it will be thrown through the tube. Though, this can be the reason for the blockage, where air conditioning is enforced to work tougher to generate cool air.

Condenser loop issues

The condenser loop assists to cool the aircon, however, if it is filthy, it becomes less effective and become the reason of numerous issue. This issue similarly can make the aircon service tougher. The condenser loop can be cleaned. Though, this includes opening components of the system.

aircon not cold

Why select 7Days Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd Singapore?

7Days Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd is an industry aircon, repair specialist. We offer a practical and reasonable way out to resolve aircon not cold issues. Our customers are pleased with our responsive services. When it comes to fixing aircon not cold issues, our experts have effectively assisted numerous people repaired all their aircon cooling problems quickly and efficiently. Appoint us for peace of mind and a worry-free experience. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any trouble trying to discover where the issues are.

Frequently asked Questions

There are 5 ways that can help you reduce aircon cooling costs:

  1. Use a fan to circulate air.
  2. Set the thermostat at a higher temperature.
  3. Don’t change the thermostat temperature too frequently.
  4. Avoid heat entering the room.
  5. Use blackout curtains or blinds.

Aircon not cold is a common problem and there are 4 reasons for it.

  1. Dirty filters can cause aircon not cold.
  2. A blocked condenser unit will cause your ac to stop cooling.
  3. A damaged heat pump is also a common reason for the aircon not cooling.
  4. A frozen evaporator coil will also stop your aircon from cooling.

Call Us When You Need Us!

If you viewing specialized aircon servicing in Singapore, chat with our team to find out more about our servicing now. You will know 7Days Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd Company specialist when you see one. Arriving at every house all set to listen to your requirements, they offer cost-effective and adapted solutions tailored to your great interests. Our crew takes all the time required to get your heating, cooling, and internal quality problems resolved whereas we are on-the-site, plus we do not leave till you are fully satisfied. We do our best to offer the greatest competitively priced aircon servicing, repairs, and maintenance.

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